Integrated solutions for any industry

Smart Cities

Sensor Network

LoRaWAN infrastructure within Australia is experiencing rapid growth. STRUT has acquired extremely specialized knowledge on the design, fabrication, deployment and operation of LoRaWAN devices and networks – This places STRUT in a strategic position, allowing the company to assess the technology both technically and commercially.

Whilst STRUT’s initial product market is the agriculture sector, the company has developed a fully integrated hardware and software platform that can be rapidly modified to cater towards an array of industries.

STRUT is taking a leap towards complete workflow automation. Integrating ready to use wireless hardware, diagnostics, and analytics, to create actionable close-looped feedback systems. For example, combining evapotranspiration, irrigation control, relative ground level sensing, and subterranean monitoring, to inform and automate irrigation systems. Empowering employees and management with visibility.

Feature Rich Software

Inform & Automate

STRUT’s versatile software caters for any IOT requirement or application.

Our software packages enable you to easily view analytics and export your data, giving you the power to make data-driven decisions.

  • Real-time visualisation and smart analytics of all collected data
  • A simple to use and easy to understand interface 
  • Node monitoring and management.
  • Export your data easily to Excel
  • Automatically generate monthly/weekly reports
  • Critical event notifications via Email and SMS to enable automated monitoring
  • Access via phone, tablet or computer.

The software is intuitive and simple; providing customers with limitless potential 

Bespoke Hardware

Integrating sensor data into your workflow

STRUT develops bespoke solutions and integrates off-the-self systems depending on the requirements of your applications.

Our modular hardware supports a wide range of environmental sensors. Up to 12 individual sensors can be connected to a single Node.

Save time and resources by enhancing your workflow with seamless technology.