STRUT Sustainability Focus – Geelong Manufacturing Council

STRUT Sustainability Focus – Geelong Manufacturing Council

The Geelong Manufacturing Council,  which has supported us via the Regional Industry Collaboration Program and Cleantech Innovations Geelong programs, has written a fantastic article about our presentation at the GMC AGM. 

“Local cleantech startup Strut is working with long established food & ag businesses to develop a range of systems, including their flagship product that provides real-time data from the paddock to help producers ensure precious water resources are only directed where & when they’re needed.”

Strut is continuing to refine and expand their offerings with a number of new systems under development. The team is working with Boomaroo Nurseries to develop a custom solution to monitor seedling conditions. In the race to Net Zero emissions, Strut has developed a custom solution to research the potential for farm water bodies to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, and has partnered with Blue Carbon Lab to develop a low-cost alternative system for monitoring coastal wetlands’ blue carbon sequestration.

Read the full story by following the link here

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