Meet the team

STRUT is a team of four Engineers, dedicated to making a difference. We share a passion for making a meaningful impact on the world and out of this passion, STRUT was born. We have over ten years of industry experience between us and have worked on a number of volunteer projects. 

The Journey

STRUT started as an idea between 4 friends. We knew we could make a difference, but didn’t know how.

We began to research different ideas and started to see that farmers are struggling. With a changing climate, food security is a global concern. By empowering farmers with data, we could allow them to achieve their yields more efficiently and effectively.

Through our research, we saw an opportunity for clever engineering and technology to offer a solution. We continued our research and began speaking to industry experts, farmers from different backgrounds and other companies.

We began to see a common theme; precision agriculture technologies are going to play a crucial role in the future of Agriculture, but current solutions are too complex and difficult!

We developed STRUT from the ground up to solve this problem.

STRUT was a part of the SPARK Deakin 2019 Startup Accelerator Program. The Accelerator provided us with funding, mentoring, masterclasses, legal support, and access to a dedicated co-working space in Melbourne’s CBD. A total of 78 teams applied for the program and 10 were selected, we were one of those lucky 10!

The SPARK program enabled us to rapidly grow STRUT from a passion project into a viable business.

By the end of the 3 month program, STRUT was ready to continue it’s rapid growth.

STRUT is currently being supported by the ManuFutures Export Acceleration Program (MEAP); an export-focused blend of skill development, business support, networking events and mentoring models.

Located at the Deakin University Waurn Ponds Campus, ManuFutures provides STRUT with a personalised package of support that allows us to continue to scale rapidly.

Support from ManuFutures includes a diverse range of guidance and experience, access to co-working space and industry and business experts.

Where to next?

STRUT is excited to announced that we are now refining our Agricultural Sensor Node for commercial production. Over the coming months we are working alongside Deakin University to develop a market ready product, optimizing our supply chain and product for scalability and manufacturability.

We are also excited to announce we have already begun creating custom solutions for customers and clients in different industries, such as smart city projects.

We are always looking to broaden our horizons and continue to expand the reach of STRUT. 

If you’re interested in helping STRUT grow, please get in touch!