January 2020 Newsletter

January 2020 Newsletter

Here is the January 2020 edition of our monthly newsletter, keeping you updated on our companies growth. 

Company News and Developments

On-Farm Trials: Leura Park Estate

STRUT’s on-farm trial is officially underway! We have installed 20 of our Sensor Node’s across 2 seperate blocks at Leura Park Estate, as well as a LoRaWAN gateway to provide connectivity.

The trial program, supported by Cleantech Innovations Geelong, aims to assess the value that Precision Agriculture can provide producers.

Employees at Leura Park Estate can now remotely monitor the soil and ambient air conditions on the property through STRUT’s online dashboard.

We installed Sensor Nodes of varying lengths, allowing sensors to be placed at 300mm, 600mm and 900mm depths.

Measuring soil moisture at these various depths enables Leura Park Estate to make more informed decisions when it comes to irrigation practices.

We would like to thank David Sharp, Andrew Mahoney and Kevin Mullins for being so generous with their time and help during the installation process. It was great to have so much expertise and knowledge when completing our first installation.

We are currently preparing for the second installation of the on-farm trial program at Boundary Bend Olives. STRUT will be travelling all the way to the Boort Estate, which is one of the world’s largest single estate olive groves.

Stay tuned for an update on the Boundary Bend Olives installation in February’s newsletter.

LoRaWAN Chosen for Victorian Network

Agriculture Victoria Network Connectivity

LoRaWAN has been chosen as the network for the Agriculture Victoria on-farm trial program. The new LoRaWAN networks will be rolled out across the Maffra, Tatura, Serpentine and Birchip trial sites.

We are excited about LoRaWAN being chosen as the network for the trials, as it’s the same network that we have chosen for our devices. LoRaWAN provides long range, low power and cost-effective connectivity for sensors, providing benefits for not only agriculture, but many different industries.

LoRaWAN is a new technology which has gained significant traction in recent years, due to its open business model and ease of deployment. LoRaWAN has been adopted by the City of Greater Geelong, enabling the deployment of sensors that are supporting the vision for a Clever and Creative Geelong.

Data Visualisation

An explanation

Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data. By utilising visual tools such as charts, graphs and maps; data visualisation provides an accessible way to see and understand trends and patterns in data.

In the realm of IoT and Big Data, data visualisation tools, such as our online dashboard, are essential to analyse the large amounts of information being collected by sensors and make data-driven decisions.


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