February 2020 Newsletter

February 2020 Newsletter

Here is the February 2020 edition of our monthly newsletter, keeping you updated on our companies growth. 

Company News and Developments

On-Farm Trials: Boundary Bend Olives

STRUT’s second trial partner, Boundary Bend Olives, is the most recent company to benefit from STRUT’s precision agriculture system. 20 Sensor Node’s, as well as a LoRaWAN gateway, were installed across the 3,000 hectare property.

Installing on such a large property was a great test of the system’s range capabilities. Due to our devices using LoRaWAN, we were able to achieve large communication distances with a single gateway.

The installation was completed on Boundary Bend’s Boort site, which is home to over 1 million olive tree’s; one of the worlds largest single estate olive grove’s.

To maximise the wireless range of the sensor’s, we installed the LoRaWAN gateway in the centre of the property. Internet connectivity is sparse, so we utilised a cellular connection in a known coverage spot to ensure reliability.

Boundary Bend, by using STRUT’s system, aim to reduce their water consumption and reduce their environmental impact, as well as reduce operating cost’s. This can be acheived by monitoring soil moisture levels across the property both accurately and effortlessly using our online dashboard.

By having a deeper understanding of the soil conditions, Boundary Bend are empowered to manage their irrigation more accurately and easily.

The installation at Boundary Bend was part of our on-farm trial program, supported by Cleantech Innovations Geelong.

STRUT In the News

Another Day, Another Article

STRUT has been featured in news outlets such as the Geelong Advertiser, Geelong Independant and Au Manufacturing in a recent press release covering the progress of our on-farm trial program.

Councillor Jim Mason visited our workspace at ManuFuture’s to check out the facilities and learn more about our precision agriculture system.

However the publicity was not limited to newspapers and online outlets, we even featured on the radio! Richard participated in a 15-minute radio interview about STRUT on 94.7 The Pulse.

All press releases can be found on our LinkedIn page here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/getstrut/

Botanical Gardens Geelong

Monitoring Plant Health

The Botanical Gardens in Geelong have purchased and installed 6 of our Sensor Nodes to monitor the health of some of their plants and heritage listed tree’s.

The sensor’s are able to connect to the LoRaWAN gateway located in the Geelong CBD, another testament to the power of our devices.

Next time you are exploring the gardens see if you can spot a few of our sensor nodes hiding in the greenery.


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