November 2019 Newsletter

November 2019 Newsletter

Here is the November 2019 edition of our monthly newsletter, keeping you updated on our companies growth. 

Company News and Developments

Trial Partners Confirmed

STRUT is excited to announce that we have confirmed 2 partners to take part in our on-farm trials program:

Boundary Bend Limited – is a leading player in the global ‘modern’ olive industry and is Australia’s largest olive farmer and producer of extra virgin olive oil. BBL own 2.2 million producing trees on over 6,278 hectares of pristine Australian farmland.

The Sharp Group – operate a range of wineries/establishments on the Bellarine Peninsula such as Leura Park Estate, Jack Rabbit Winery and Curlewis Golf Club. STRUT’s innovative system will play a key role in The Sharp Groups vision of sustainable vineyard practices, allowing advanced precision irrigation of over 100 acres of vineyards.


From Alpha to Beta

First Beta Prototype Completed

The Beta sensor node is the new evolution of our Alpha node. Stylish and functional, the beta node improves on reliability and durability. The addition of new sensors and some smart functionality allows for it to last up to 10 years on a single battery charge. It can now also be connected to our network and deployed with the push of a single button.

The Beta Node is capable of retrieving:
– Soil Moisture Data
– Soil Temperature Data
– Air Temperature Data
– Air Humidity Data
– Sun Light (Lux) Data
– Battery Voltage
– Diagnostics Data
– Location upon deployment

The Beta Node will be used in our upcoming agricultural trials.

Special Mentions

Matthew Szymczak & Richard Dilena – OUR FIRST CUSTOMERS! STRUT shows a great level of appreciation to the Geelong City Council who will be trialling 6 beta versions of our nodes in the Botanical gardens from January 2019. STRUT hopes to continue our great relationship with the Geelong City Council and the Geelong Botanical Gardens, and thank them for the opportunity they have provided.

Ken Mahon – Ken is another consultant available to us, thanks to support from ManuFutures. Ken has helped us out with sales and growth strategies, making sure that STRUT stays on track.

Sameer Deshpande & James Mullins from FLAIM Systems – located right next door to us at ManuFutures, Sam and James are constantly popping in to ‘The Chamber’ to help us out. It is so great to get advice, contacts and expertise from people who have survived their own entrepreneurial journey.


LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is the wireless technology we use to send data from our Sensor Pack to the cloud. We chose LoRaWAN due to the following benefits:

Long range – Sensors can send data consistently over distances from 5-10km. However, we’ve managed to send data over a distance of 26km!

Increased battery life – LoRaWAN enables extremely efficient power management of the sensor pack. The longevity of the sensor packs battery is determined by its shelf life, up to 10 years.

Easy deployment and scalability – To install your own network, all that is required is an internet connection, mounting point for the gateway and our sensor packs, easy!

Compatibility – LoRaWAN networks have already been installed by many local councils, negating the need for some clients to buy their own gateways.

Security – Advanced cryptographic mechanisms such as 3 separate 128 bit keys ensure users data is kept safe and secure.

What is Precision Agriculture?

An explanation

Precision Agriculture is all about optimising resource management to increase productivity on farms. The goal of Precision Agriculture is to ensure that farms stay profitable and sustainable, but there are numerous other benefits.

Precision Agriculture is being enabled by new technologies, such as GPS, Satellite Imagery and even our humble Sensor Packs!

Sensor’s collect data from all around the farm. That data is then processed and used by the farmer to make better decisions, such as precisely what fields to water and when or where to plant a particular crop.

Precision Agriculture is becoming increasingly popular in modern farming practices, as a booming population and unpredictable climate conditions is putting a serious strain on farming operations both domestically and globally.


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