October 2019 Newsletter

October 2019 Newsletter

Here is the October 2019 edition of our monthly newsletter, keeping you updated on our companies growth. 

Company News and Developments

The Alpha Node

STRUT is excited to announce that we have our Alpha Agricultural node working! This will allow farmers to measure temperatures, humidity, sunlight and soil moisture at different depths.
We are currently testing the nodes to see how durable they are, and so far, they haven’t succumbed to the elements yet!

The data that the nodes collect is sent to the STRUT cloud via LoRaWAN. Once the data is in the cloud, we can remotely monitor the conditions of our lovely backyard in Grovedale.

The system can even send us text message alerts, so we will know exactly when to bring the washing in.

Industry Overview

Farm Trials

Agriculture Victoria and their IoT trials have begun, and with $12 million of government support, what can we expect?

In agriculture, IoT benefits are far reaching; allowing remote monitoring of soil moisture, weather, disease control or crop yield. Ultimately, this leads to enhanced productivity, competitiveness and sustainability. The trials aim to increase the uptake of IoT across Victoria and test the benefits of the technology.

Similarly to Agriculture Victoria, we are commencing trials across two farms in the Geelong region. These trials will allow us to prove the value of our system and work alongside farmers.

Special Mentions

Jason Steinwedel – Jason is the director of ManuFutures, which is supporting us with office space and specialised mentoring. Jason has been a big advocate of ours and deserves a special mention.

Matt Saint & Jimmy Janash from PiXEL – PiXEL are a local end-to-end electronic device manufacturer. They too are looking into the benefits of LoRaWAN technology for IoT applications. We were invited to go and see their impressive factory in Melbourne. It’s great to see such awesome local manufacturing capabilities. We hope to build upon this relationship moving into the future.

Bernard Brussow – Bernard is available to us as part of the support from ManuFutures. He has been incredibly helpful at optimising our business practices and advising us on commercialisation strategies.

Tina Perfrement – Tina has been an integral part of us getting support for Cleantech Innovations, who are supporting our on-farm IoT trials. Tina offered us lot’s of advice, feedback and support when we were preparing our proposal for our on farm trials program.

Our Ask

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the generous support of so many people. Each month, we recognise some of the amazing people who have helped make STRUT possible, as well as ask for some help for the month ahead.

This month, we need help in generating some financial support. We are in a really good place, with our first product iterations completed and our first product trials in the pipelines. We are also finalising IoT solutions for the City of Greater Geelong. However, we need to commit as much down-time as possible in order to keep the business growing, and need a modest amount of financial support to enable this time commitment.

We are looking at securing financial support through investigating initial sales, grants, fundraising and investment opportunities. We would appreciate any guidance or help on this matter.

If you can help, or know someone who can, please contact us at: getstrut@gmail.com

What is IoT?

An explanation

The Internet of Things or IoT, has become a bit of a buzzword; at STRUT, we call ourselves an ‘IoT focused startup’, but what does that actually mean? Put simply, IoT is the concept of connecting nontraditional devices to the internet. The Apple Watch, for instance, can be considered an IoT device. the Apple Watch collects data on your health and movements, sends that data to the cloud and allows you to track your fitness.

Our sensor nodes work in a similar way, they collect data on the health and status of a farm and send it to the internet. Our software uses this data as a productivity tool for farmers, by enabling them to track their farm.

The real power of IoT is in the data. Data can guide farmers’ decisions, helping them farm smarter, safer and adapt more quickly to changing conditions


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