Precision Agriculture Made Easy

Integrating sensor data into your workflow

Feature Rich Software

Data at your fingertips


Simple, customisable and easily accessible web-based dashboards

Custom Alerts and Notifications

Receive mobile and email alerts, notifications enabling automated monitoring of critical applications

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reports

Generate automatic reports including graphs and data plots at custom intervals


Access powerful data analytic tools and easily identify correlations

Make the Most of Your Data

Export, compile and compare historical data, enabling predictive insights and data-driven decisions

Device Management

Manage devices remotely. Enable triggers to alert you of faulty devices in the field

Sensor Node

Truly Simple

Utilising LoRaWAN

High network capacity, low power consumption and adaptive long distance data communication


Air Temperature

Monitoring of live climate conditions enables detection of extreme weather events, such as frost and heatwave.


Soil Temperature

Monitoring of soil conditions enables identification of root and plant health.


Air Humidity

Measuring humidity levels enables early identification of fungus, disease and pest risks

Light Sensor


Measuring the intensity of light penetrating through the crop canopy to understand how well your ground retains water and the number of sunny days your crop receives


Soil Moisture

Measuring moisture levels enables irrigation management and efficient use of water.

“We have really enjoyed seeing the strong connection between the sensors and gateway from various long-distance sites around the olive grove, and it has been very interesting to understand more about the benefits of the LoRa connection.

The dashboard provides a great visual representation of the grove conditions and has been helpful for us to compare the planned irrigation cycles with the fluctuation of the actual soil moisture, as well as monitoring temp, humidity, light.” 

Cameron Barr, Boundary Bend Olives

“The value is in the availability of the information and how simple it is to use and check the data.

The professionalism of the people and how the system was installed. It was very easy to communicate and fine tune the system to customise the system to our needs.”

Andrew Mahoney, Leura Park Estate

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